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Deathrow Homes #2
Deathrow Homes #2
Silver Gelatin Print

Deathrow Homes is a series about homes that were once inhabited in the Flint,MI area that are sentenced for destruction.These homes and their memories shared are now only that, a memory, and when I developed the film, I captured that memory, creating another physical space the homes are now in.A house is supposed to be a permanent object, something that is always there in our lives.Emotion and memory connect them to us, making them more real and personal than we sometimes realize. When we have to leave one home to find another, we must adapt and construct new familiar patterns and circumstances, replacing the old, and thus, giving birth to new rituals. But we should also acknowledge, and reflect upon with reverence, the deaths of these former rituals, and all of the connections, both big and small, which cease to exist in physical reality.It helps to remind us how precious place and physicality are in memories of times shared.