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Each and every time I enter the classroom I am reminded of my late mentor and friend Gay Burke.

Gay writes:
Sarah is an exceptional teacher. She is intelligent, articulate and highly motivated. I have observed her perform well in a variety of teaching situations including technical demonstrations, group critiques and presentations as well as one-on-one interactions with students. Working with students, Sarah communicates concern, patience and a real commitment to the growth of the individual student.

She has the rare ability to offer precise and realistic criticism in a very positive manner. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her knowledge of critical theory, traditional as well as alternative techniques, history and contemporary practices is extensive. She has very high standards of quality and encourages a wide range of artistic approaches.

She has received rave reviews from students ranging from beginning to graduate level. The quality of work from her classes demonstrates the creativity and intelligence of her teaching. She is as generous in sharing information as she is avid in acquiring it.

Sarah’s approach to teaching stems from her deep commitment to her own work and its continuing development. Her work reflects a well-considered integration of content, concept and process. It is continuingly and increasingly receiving national attention.

Sarah has an engaging personality, a good sense of humor, impressive organizational skills and the ability to work well with diverse personalities. I believe that you would enjoy working with her and find her to be an extremely valuable asset for your program.
I recommend her most highly and without any reservations.
-Gay Burke 2017