Private Sessions and Parties with Sarah Ann

Private Sessions and Parties with Sarah Ann

I offer one on one sessions at my Studio in Southern Raleigh, NC. or at your home or studio.
$150/2 hours and $75/hr thereafter

Options for your session

When you arrive, all pulp will be prepared and in buckets to be rehydrated. You will make approximately 20-30 sheets of paper up to A4 size. You may choose to explore pulp painting, sheet perfection, laminating, or watermarking. Your paper will be restrained dried and available to pick up 24 hours after the session or you may pick up within two weeks.

Before you arrive you will need to notify me the type of book you'd like to make or I have many suggestions for beginners and advanced book binders. I will prepare the book boards for your project as to cut down on time used in the session.

Printmaking Cyanotypes and Digital Negative making
When you arrive you will have with you several items to make prints with and or have spoken to me about providing items and objects. you will also have the option to create a digital negative for your image making journey. I can make the negative ahead of our session or you may also learn how to create a digital negative for your own purposes.

You will arrive and get started making 2-4 brushes to your personal comfort, design, and/or made for a close friend as a gift.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!