• Weed and Pulp

    Make paper with me. We will start by collecting unwanted weeds and or herbaceous shrubs from your yard and turn them into paper. Theres quite a bit of striping and getting to the part we want! if the plant can grow past 2 ft there's enough cellulose to make paper with. Then we soak and cook them down to break up the fibers and then we hand beat the fibers, mimicking eastern style form of paper making.

  • Drawing with Light: The Blue Print Cyanotype Workshop

    Drawing with Light: The Blue Print Cyanotype Workshop

    Invite me to do a fun hands-on cyanotype workshop, an excellent way to learn the traditional approach to one of the 19th century photographic printmaking processes also known as blueprints.
    My cyanotype process uses traditional techniques and chemicals designed to create unique, one of a kind, handcrafted prints dating back to the invention in 1842 by Sir Jon Herschel. The workshop will introduce some basic photo/printmaking techniques as well as advanced methods for further exploration on paper and Fabric. We will cover a short historical introduction on the process and how to create/mix/purchase the chemical solutions and start printing. Students will walk away with a number of paper prints and fabric prints along with the knowledge to continue to print in their own studios and homes. The workshop requires a room in darkness along with a space with running water to wash out the final prints.

    Cyanotype chemistry and a limited supply of paper are included. You will be asked to bring objects from your home, flowers from your garden, fabric you may want to print on or make a print with, found objects that are approximately the size of a 5×7 image or slightly larger. NOTE: Your objects will not be ruined or damaged in the printing process unless you decide to print on your fabric!

    Additional specialty handmade cotton and native fiber papers will be available for purchase from Sarah Ann’s own handmade paper collection for a discounted price of $5 per sheet.

    This is an all ages all levels workshop; participants are expected to have no prior knowledge of the photographic process only a certain amount of enthusiasm for image making! Enrollment is limited to ensure one-on-one attention.